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Are you looking for How to get more traffics and click to Improve CTR for your website, Click-Through Rate (CTR) is an incredibly important and highly debated subject in SEO to  measure organic traffic . Click-Through Rate is a metric used in different online marketing platforms and is related to clicks of your ads  and impressions. Click-Through Rate differs from campaign to campaign and even keywords to keywords.

Moreover, it depends on how your ads are displayed, starting from ad copy to the ads ranking on the Search engine result pages( Google). This article will answer a few queries such as, how to increase organic CTR? how it will enhance your online business? How high scoring CTR helps SEO? 


CTR stands for Click-Through Rate.It tells you how many times your Ad is displayed (Impression) to searchers on SERP and how many had viewed your ad and clicked the Ad.Here  is a simple formula to understand it better

CTR = Number of clicks/Total number of impressions.

For example: If 10  out of 100 people saw your online ad(Impression)and clicked on it to know more about your product, that particular ad’s CTR would be 10%.


CTR  is essential for every PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. A higher CTR secures a higher quality score, reduces CPC (cost-per-click) and helps to improve your website’s rank in SERP (search engine result page) indirectly. Though an excellent CTR score is not only the single key ingredient in Adwords, but also immensely important for other marketing funnels. A CTR can be used to calculate the effectiveness of emails and digital ads.

Also in online social media platforms like – FaceBook, Instagram, advertising a higher CTR is required.To gain knowledge on how online advertisements CTR indicates to you if the ads are successful at grabbing customers attention towards your website. You can identify the highest CTR by comparing ad copy with ad position,  CTAs etc.

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As per Search engine CTR and SEO are two sides of a coin. Your website’s ranking in SERP indicates the branding of your website and this is influenced by the page views.By making your website ad attractive, the probability of getting more clicks increases which means more people have clicked the ad to get more information about the campaign. This process also improves CTR which in turn has a positive influence on SEO. 

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A good CTR is homologous with a higher conversion rate. If more people click your ads, it means that there must be something interesting , unique and relevant in the ad campaign that engaged them.To Improve Your Organic Click-Through-Rate we need to increase the number of visits to the website, the quality score need to improve then cost per click will decrease eventually, impression share will grow.CTR is a metric which helps you to figure out who your customers are. Allowing CTR shows that you are targeting the wrong audience and you are not eloquent enough to convince them.




CTR differs from Industry to Industry. CTR is an extremely important factor for online advertisers. For PPC platforms like Google ads and Bing ads, it plays a big role in ad rank and cost per click (CPC).How to get more traffic and clicks to improve CTR ? you should focus on a few things – firstly should understand the criterion and pattern of the companies/ industries average rates.

To grow your website’s CTR,  you should identify in which area and where you want to increase CTR. For example, if your website has a low CTR on social media channels like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin, then adding “hashtags” which are trending and related to the webpage may help in getting more visitors to your website.

To improve CTR you should do more SEO off-page activities which will help to achieve top rank in search engines SERP. A good CTR varies upon the platform. For example, in Adwords, a CTR of 2% or above is considered a good rating. On the other hand, a CTR of 9% is the average CTR on Facebook. Therefore CTR depends on which company or to which industry you are targeting. Organic CTR is improved by improving targeted CTR from the previous one.

As we are the Best AI-Powered SEO agency in Hyderabad, Below Are The Most Effective ways we do To Improve Organic CTR In 2020”


  1. Attractive Title tags/headlines
  2. Integrate keywords
  3. Use Emojis and Punctuation
  4. Image Optimization
  5. Use Hashtags
  6. Testing is Crucial
  7. Understand your customers


Creating content is an integral part and how to increase organic CTR for any website’s ad. When you write content, it generates traffic to your website and engages your customers. Title tags/headlines are precise and compact descriptions of page content. The title tag is the most critical part of any ad content. The headlines should be tempting so that it can catch customers eyes the most to get more number of clicks. Try internal links to provide more information about your advertisement.  

2.Integrate keywords

Apart from the impressive title tag, keywords play an important role to enhance CTR as well as SEO.  Keywords should be descriptive to drive more traffic and gather more clicks for the campaign. To make this happen, specific keywords should be used to increase the percentage of clicks.

Consider a scenario wherein you want to sell a blender. To sell this product, you should use an appropriate keyword because “blender” may cover a wide range of similar products. But if you use specific keywords such as “high-speed blender of 2020” your ad will reach out to more targeted customers.

Here you have to up your game by choosing high end and certain keywords. By doing this you might be losing the number of impressions and clicks, but you will end up achieving higher CTR. According to Word press website design services in Hyderabad, this happens because your ad campaign grabs the attention of more selected and cultivated traffic, to begin with.

Do not stuff content with lots of keywords rather than it will be smarter to use more effective and long-tail keywords to focus on getting an ample number of clicks to improve organic click-through rate



Emojis do a lot of speaking on behalf of us. Sometimes we communicate through emojis. In the online marketing world, emojis have become very popular. It plays a critical role in attracting more customers. Recently Google Ads started using emojis in a few ads.

Many advertisers use emojis in their ads as a trick which compels customers to click on the ad and this action increases the percentage of CTR. Recent research has shown that around 42% of ads use exclamation signs (!)  and 11% use a question mark ( ?) and a few use dollar signs ($).

As that the human mind reacts to emojis the same way it reacts when they see people’s faces. Let’s say if you are wishing someone “Happy Birthday” why not use the symbol of cake, balloon to make it more presentable from your side and at the same time it will be more memorable for the person being wished. This is how emojis improve your organic click-through rate, which triggers the quality score and the ad position gets stronger resulting in  CPC to go down.

4.Image Optimization 

Utilizing images for any ad content is a great way to boost websites CTR. As we are the Best PPC management service company in India, We focus on using quality and relevant,Quality content images to grab customers attention and get more customers. This is how to get more traffic and click to improve CTR

5.Use Hashtags 

Improve your organic click-through rate by manoeuvring hashtags. Off late hashtags have become more ubiquitous in social media like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin. You can add voguish hashtags for your company, evidently which are more worthwhile, beneficial and relevant to create plausibility for your targeted customers to involve themselves in your ad.


Testing is a process through which the evaluation of the software or products are performed with the objective to find whether the product meets the required specifications and to identify the defects to ensure that the quality standards of the software or product are achieved to improve your organic click-through rate.  

According to PPC experts, PPC is all about what works and what doesn’t. How to get more traffic and click to improve CTR depends on the frequency of doing A/B testing on your ads which will ease necessary changes for campaigns. With this continuous process occasionally publish ads after correction, do the testing and continue with the flow. Attesting methods can influence both CTR and conversion rate.

WP website design services company in Hyderabad affirms that with a lot of hard work and persistence you can achieve a good campaign and rapidly increase CTR score. Hence testing is essential because this process helps in identifying defects at early stages of product development. 


Customers are the most important stakeholders of any business, therefore it is important that they get the best user experience. They should be your first and foremost priority. If you want to improve your organic clickthrough rate, you should  know their preferences. Get into their shoes to understand their expectations. 

Offering them what they expect from your business will add value to your ad campaigns. If the ad campaigns generate excitement, these customers would definitely revisit your website or refer others to your website. This way you can build a robust network.

To find out more about prospective customers such as which section are they scrolling most or whether they have found enough information or have they stumbled upon or are they getting hesitant to move on, you can use a heatmap tool and scroll map. All these statistics will make your website smoother,   friendlier and a better search for the customers.


From the above discussion, we can understand how to get more traffic and click to improve CTR. Digital marketing is an advertising partnership where CTR plays quite a big role.  However, CTR is a complex metric in digital marketing but at the same time,

it is important for SEO where it influences SEO ranking in different ways. Click through rate is a decisive indicator test which shows how well your campaigns are performing.  By separating your customers , fulfilling their needs with potent title tags, keywords  using hashtags and emojis you can improve your organic click through rate. So CTR is one of the crucial key aspects for SEO .

Optimizing CTR has an intrinsic fringe benefit and brings good results when reproduced in scale.