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In the world of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing, 2020 turns out to be a huge year that has witnessed massive changes and Google updates. There were updates that focus on how mobile sites are indexed and presented to users through design and usability. Then, there have also been exciting developments with Google paid search platforms. Do Google algorithm updates affect your business this year?

Between the new Google Ad interface experience and the launch of several new campaign features, tools, types, enhancement, and targeting options, between the impressive arrival of LinkedIn profile targeting and the rise of new ad platforms, we have got a lot to look forward to! With Google indexing and what they believe is quality content, its algorithm updates are getting smarter with every passing day. Find our new article on Essential SEO Strategies for Recruitment | Job Board Website.

PPC Trends for Business growth - aiseoagency

Where the year 2019 shows that speed and accuracy are important, 2019 has a lot in store for PPC marketers. Want to know what lies ahead in the PPC world? Roll up our sleeves to learn how to optimize your PPC marketing tactics to excel your competition and win leads in 2019 with these smart paid marketing trends and techniques.   

  •  PPC and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence is not only taking the tech industry to the next level but has also been an important part of the digital industry. PPC advertising industry has started taking advantage of AI trends to bring better results for their customers and sustain their market value. Since there will be a lot of scope of automation, marketers can make PPC campaigns much easier by using artificial intelligence. 

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  • Increase User-Intent with Voice Search

Although voice search has been around for quite some time now, it has begun to gain popularity from a few couples of years. The voice search enables easy access through smartphones and offers smart home devices such as Google Home, Alexa, and others. Anyone with a smartphone is now performing a voice search to get instant results and increase their tendency to take actions. The voice search is going to be the biggest trend in search and on the web world in the coming years. 

  • Improved PPC Re-marketing

Re-marketing is one of the advanced PPC techniques that enables marketers to reach out to potential customers who may haven’t converted in the previous PPC marketing effort. Advertising platforms are expected to offer more and more marketing features. AI and machine learning are going to play a significant role in providing more flexibility in this sector

ppc trends and techniques 2020 - aiseoagency

B2B SEO is unique and different when compared to B2C SEO. As we know SEO is done to increase the visibility of your website through SERP. In B2B, this will convert to get professionals/stakeholders within your target company to find out your B2B website from search engine results. 

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As we provide Responsive Website Design Services in Hyderabad We help businesses to build a solid organic presence with a white hat B2B seo strategy based on competitive research.

We are an AI-powered seo agency that delivers ROI; let’s see the SEO tips & Techniques we follow for B2B sites.

  • Smarter SMEs with Advanced Paid Search Advertising

The year 2019 has seen some interesting developments for Google’s paid advertising platform including cross-device reporting and remarketing in Google Analytics, responsive search ads to simplify ad creation and testing process, smart campaigns to help and optimize SMEs, and landing page speed score. Local businesses are going to benefit in 2019 by implementing these latest developments for smarter and more effective local ad campaigns. 

  • Expanded Text Ads

‘Expanded text ads’ has been recently launched this year across both Google search and display networks. This major text display change is projecting the importance of paid search over organic search results. It enables Google Ad users to increase their ad exposure by creating much more advert copy for conveying their messages in Google search results to potential customers.

This change will majorly affect Google advert results. This will allow ad managers to display more business USPs and have greater control over messages, which in turn will lead to better PPC ad campaigns.

  • Aware of Google Changes:

While doing seo for any website we should always follow the Google Algorithm Changes  ensure the page title, description, content which we are presenting should provide relevant and great user experience, as marketers we  Should always be aware and update on changes that Google do and why it is doing changes.

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