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Top 9 SEO tips for bloggers  Keyword Research

Use transition words

Try to make your content more understandable by using transition words like, ‘first of all; ‘secondly’ and ‘finally’. This will enhance your content and will define the relationship between the sentences. Not only this but transit words give readers more clarity. This will result in more reader satisfaction and thus they will recommend your piece of content to others as well.

Optimize the length of your article

Length plays a very important role in writing articles. Your article should not be short, it should be detailed, you must elaborate on each and every point so that readers can get clarity. Make good use of SEO-friendly content for the blog. It is advisable to go for long content if you want the best SEO blogs.


Link to existing content

One of the best tips for writing SEO articles is to do linking, both internal linking and external linking. By linking your existing content, you will be contributing and making more chances of visibility. This will improve your ranking in search engines. Not only this but linking will also navigate people to your site. This is how to write SEO friendly content

Use SEO plugins

There are a number of tools available on the internet which help you to analyze your content. Before publishing your content just check the content properly and take the suggestions provided by the SEO plugins. This will improve your content and will make it SEO-friendly.

Write for people, not search engines

Many people follow shortcuts and instead of writing good and relevant content, they do activities like keyword stuffing. This is not good for the long term. You should always focus on writing for the people! If they will relate to your content, they will definitely give their time to read it properly. Ultimately the content is written to be read!


From the above discussion, we can understand How to write SEO Friendly Blog posts. , it is important for SEO where it influences SEO ranking in different ways. SO that You already know how to write content for readers & will love it. Now, it’s time to include elements that Google will love too. It can sound technically risky and tricky but by following these 9 SEO tips for Bloggers, you’ll be ranked on the first page of Google in no time and drive more traffic to your website.

I would like to Recommend learning SEO to write SEO Friendly content for blogging also it helps to know you better about optimizing for Search engines.


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