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Why it is an essential to implement SEO Strategies for Recruitment Website? As per the recent update 2020, globally 79% of talented people search for jobs on Google every month. Users are using online/social media platforms for a job search so the website acts as a medium between the job seekers and Recruiting firms.  

Recruiting Agencies charges moreover 15% to 25% of the candidates on total first-year earnings for their services so there is huge competition in Between Recruitment Agencies. In order to compete with the competitor’s one of the  difficult questions that recruiting organizations would love to ask is How to make their Recruitment website more visible in search  engines like Google?   

I can strongly suggest you by implementing SEO Techniques for Recruitment Websites you can compete with your competitors and achieve top position in SERP.

Strategies used to get noticed on Google for Recruitment firms

1. Create an effective URL and SEO friendly Meta title, Meta description.
2. Create a Strong & solid career section on your website
3. Optimize your category pages
4. Optimizing job posting
5. Optimizing your links
6. Manage your expired job vacancies
7. Mobile friendly 

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1. Create Friendly URL & SEO Meta Title, Description:

As we know that we need to use a title and a description (“meta title” and “meta description”) for each webpage in the website which are important for Google search engine to display on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).  Example: How Meta title, URL & Meta description displays on SERP.

Google considers titles and descriptions as an outline of the content on your page, and therefore it uses them to figure out whether your page is relevant to a user search query or not. That’s why it is important to use your target keyword in a title & Description so that it will help the search engines to understand what your page is about. 

SEO meta Tag for webpages - aiseoagency

Need to design SEO friendly title tags, Meta description & URL of your Recruitment Website as per the Google guidelinesto display on SERP. 

2. Create a Strong & solid career section on your website:

So in order to grab attention and attract the best talent, you must have an extraordinary and impressive SEO friendly Website design for your staffing firm, to grab job seekers there must be solid and strong carrier sections on your Website.

So the carrier section on the recruitment organizations plays a crucial role because it provides helpful information like appropriately categorized Job vacancies, locations, the description should build a search function to help the job seeker while searching for their exact requirements. Such perceptions will help to boost up the brand Image of your Recruitment sites. The carrier section of your Recruitment Website is the key foundation of all the SEO techniques that you follow. 

Why SEO matters to your job search? 

Boosting the SEO of your blog, website and social media marketing will allow recruiters and candidate-searching employers to more easily and quickly discover relevant profiles and while of course you should also be applying to jobs and networking within their required industry, better SEO means a higher chance of naturally getting visitors to your website seamlessly. 

Think of it like this: without optimizing your web pages and social media posts, you are like a street musician without an amp — occasionally someone will stop and listen. If you optimize, people will hear you from around the block. And who knows, maybe the CEO of Universal lives nearby. 

3. Optimize your category pages:

The careers section of a recruiting site starts with an organized category structure. Using a proper folder structure the location and department will divide job seekers in a way that people will navigate naturally.

Corporate-level companies should consider location as a prominent factor of the content, and different departments should be categorized it makes sense to lead category pages with location types. One of the best SEO Techniques for the Staffing Website is to optimize the categorize careers section. 

SEO Strategies for Recruitment Website - aiseoagency

4. Optimizing Job posting:

When you are planning to advertise and ready to hire top talent, it is very much important to have a strong and well-optimized presence of job posting on websites, which can drive high-traffic job boards.

It’s important to know the job seekers point of view by asking these questions:

• What are they looking for in their first job?

• What do they require to their next job like designations, location, etc?

• We should organize the job posting to meet job seekers’ expectations. That means defining the job posting and designation, its roles and responsibilities, Schedule, Locations and providing a short summary.

How does job posting is viewed on SERP?

 It is important to add a proper job posting structure to your job pages. Using structured data for postings ensures that Google bot can crawl your posting easier and understands specific content of your Job post Website relevant and accurate to display on SERP.

A Job posting is the first touch point of your firm to the candidate. It’s crucial to represent your site properly so the applicant knows exactly what your recruiting firm is about. The search terms such as “careers in SEO” or “SEO jobs in NYC” indicate that a job seeker is not aware of your company or and open to other competitor companies. 

Finally, you need to run an authentic job posting on your site and make your job posting sharable, promotable in different social media channels. 

SEO strategies for job board Website - aiseoagency

5. Optimizing your links: 

Optimizing links is one of the key SEO Strategies for Recruitment Websites. Google will acknowledge the link which is coming from other websites in order to decide how high your site should rank. Need to plan about how to increase internal links to gain page ranking faster, the links from the homepage most likely affect positively on raking the individual pages. The best way to ‘link building’ is to suggest other websites to link to pages of your site. If you get particularly a “happy client” Ask them to link back to your Recruitment site in order to improve SEO.  

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6. Manage your expired job vacancies:

It is very important for a Recruitment firm that how to manage with the expired job, what to do with once the job posting had closed? Need to decide either delete? Or Redirect it? Managing expired job pages really comes down to the size of the website you have.

If it is a small recruiting company you can show similar job postings on the job pages that have been placed if it is  Medium size Staffing Website Google allows job vacancy page to 404 or temporarily unavailable need.

If it is large Recruiting firm goggles advice is to place job vacancy page to unavailable after tag to automate the process of expiry, if you know when the job will be unavailable after tag to automate the process of expiry Set the page to no index read our guide to Robots exclusion protocol here and provide links to currently available roles. 

7. Mobile-Friendly:

One of the recent SEO strategies in 2020 is it’s not enough to make your Job post Website visible on mobile but it should be “mobile-friendly. In terms of SEO, Google considers websites that are “mobile-friendly” as a ranking benchmark. As per the recent updates, 89 % of job seekers report using their mobiles during their job search.

So make sure your mobile sites to be attractive, effective so that your career site enables job seekers to apply for positions through their mobiles. website’s copy must be easy to read and navigate, which means there should be no use of zooming to explore your site.