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There are no particular formula or rules for creating content which will work for any product or brand. But applying good tactics and strategies can make your content marketing strategies outstanding and build a long-lasting relation between users and your content.So before going to start the discussion on how to use content marketing for seo lets through some lights on Content Marketing.


Content marketing concentrates on the idea of inbound marketing vs traditional marketing strategies. Content marketing examples– It gives emphasis on attracting customers towards the website through generating organic traffic whereas in traditional marketing people are focused on any particular product on a paid advertisement on TV or different social media platforms. As an example, if someone wants to buy a 64gb pen drive, then the purpose of the content marketing strategy would be to provide the person with all the in-depth details about the product. 

SEO and content marketing are correlated. “Content marketing is the soul of SEO”. Truly speaking content marketing is the backbone of any website. SEO is a technical process that helps in getting visitors and organic traffic increases. On the contrary content marketing is related to creating relevant and valuable content to generate more profit and customer’s attention towards a product or brand.

By answering these questions your website is gaining a few things 

  • Bespeaking organic traffic 
  • Displaying your knowledge and creating a trust for the product
  • Answering to their queries
  • Linking your website through this kind of content with Google

Now let’s see how to use content marketing for SEO

Content truly rules in SEO. Though every website is using content writing distinctly with different levels of eminence, a combination of SEO strategies with content marketing makes the website effective. On the other side until you amalgamate SEO plans with content marketing strategies  your website won’t get the desired result. The catch of this marketing strategy is to provide knowledge about what they are looking for. But your way of sharing knowledge should not be stereotyped. 

You should prepare yourself enough that you can differentiate your content from others. Therefore, SEO and content marketing are the two sides of a coin. You cannot choose one over the other. To become a successful digital marketer you need to incorporate content marketing strategies and SEO plans together. SEO and content marketing have taken digital marketing to the next level and there is a Difference between seo and content marketing whereas seo is more technical and content marketing is all about how to get exposure through online content.

The 9 Important techniques of content marketing mostly used to hit monthly 10,000

website traffic: 

  1. Video Marketing 
  2. H1 Tag Optimization
  3. PodCasting 
  4. Email Marketing 
  5. E-Books 
  6. Make SEO friendly Blog
  7. Calculating ROI Of Content Marketing 
  8. Upgrade Content On Social Media 
  9. Understand Your Audience 

1) Video Marketing : 

Videos are the revolution in the content marketing world. This is the most used Content marketing example among all in 2020, Video marketing is considered as high-quality content in the online marketing world. Video marketing is for promoting products or services. In the last few years, we have seen the popularity of videos as a part of content marketing strategies

Videos as a versatile and engaging content structure attract and engage viewers. It gives a real-life picture of what’s going on and easy to share across different digital platforms. Viewers enjoy it because it’s easy to understand the strategy and entertaining and marketers prefer it because it gives a huge return on investment. Incorporating the right keywords, appropriate meta description and title tag in SEO content can give amazing results.

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2) H1 Tag Optimization:

One of the major content marketing strategies is the optimization of H1 tags. H1 tag introduces you to the subject your page is all about, as the title tag tells a reader what a book is all about. Header tags give readers an idea about what information they can cull from the article. Don’t shoehorn keywords into H1 Tags be judicious while choosing the right keywords for H1tag.

H1 tag is different from other header tags ( H2, H3, H4 ). H1 tag is the first HTML tag visible on a page. In HTML code , the H1 looks like </h1> </h1> tags . H1 tag is designed divergently to make the text look different from other pages and act as indicative of the page content. 

H1 tag gives a big hint to the visitors what they can expect from the following section. H1 tag for SEO and content marketing best practices are:

  • Recommended to include 1-2 keywords. 
  • Only one H1 tag per page, used for the title tag.
  • Avoid long headings.
  • H1 tag should be fulfilling users’ purpose. 

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 Before we dig into broadcasting as a content marketing strategy, let’s take back the pedal for our viewers who are not used to the term “Podcast”.One of the most excellent characteristics of a podcast is that it permits people to subscribe. Podcasting in the 1980’s known as audio blogging. It is the newest technology and designed audio-related programs. .Later in 2001, it gained popularity by uploading audio files to transportable audio devices or delivered to the subscribers alerting them that a new podcast is obtainable.

 The next breakthrough in the history of podcasting came in the year of 2005 when Apple added a podcasts index with over 3,000 free audio programs to the iTunes store, following this achievement their podcasts became conformist and their commercial abilities and capability was divulged. After that other milestones came in the year 2014 and 2017 when podcasts rose with the massive downloads of 420 million and gained momentum. 

When we think of content marketing, things that pop up in our minds are visually based products – blogs, videos, whitepapers, infographics, and other reciprocal contacts. Nowadays audio-based content’s popularity is surging. Podcasts have created a new era of communication and media. It is a new way of money in the marketing world. Podcasting is used in education, business, training of staff, news, marketing promotions, etc. Podcasting is an audio distribution medium that proffers several precedences over traditional broadcasting and allocation methods both online and off. 

The best tactics used in  Content marketing strategy examples in 2020: By executing podcast into your strategy, frequently publishing them, cover up all the topics and vogue which are relevant to your customers need will not only builds faith from the customer’s point making you a virtuoso in your field but your band will generate more awareness and popularity by making your consumers more palliative with your business and staunch since you are bestowing them with what they need. 


Emails do not exist without content. Email marketing is an effective platform to start embellish content marketing efforts. Working together on content marketing and email campaigns can propel each other and expedite your reach. Email marketing is a medium of sending and sharing commercial memorandum, to a targeted group of people with access to email.

This technique is regularly used to grow a business, brands, or products to bond with present or previous consumers and boost loyalty, strengthen business and receive new habitues by growing loyalty and expanding business through sharing content. The emails you share or send should have good standards, pertinent and engrossing, visually presentable, and resolute. Content concludes an email, but you have to be pensive writing to your readers, making your email turnout to be the strongest part of your marketing plan.

Though it is not easy to build a data strategy to uplift the efficiency of your email, it is possible to find data on email marketing in different sections – media, finance, technology. Email marketing is an authorization based marketing platform. If someone has signed up to receive emails, this means they are unambiguously seeking for more information. Your service or product can update them or decipher consumers’ muddles on any subject related to your campaigns.

 There are a few ways you can combine your content marketing strategies to get great accomplishment:

  • Stay Focused 
  • Be Organised 
  • Use Behavioral data 
  • Take Click Through Rate Solemnly


People learn about content marketing in various ways, Ebooks are one of the smartest ways. Sometimes to get an idea on something is to see it in action. If you compare to other marketing strategies ebooks delineate a longer form of content that can provide knowledge of the buyers about the subject and the product. It’s a brilliant way to manifest proficiency in a prolific way and is much more visually winsome than infographics or a  white paper. 

This kind of format strategy is gaining huge popularity, especially among B2B marketers. As per the 2014 B2B  content marketing guide report, 34 % of online customers using an e-book as a content marketing strategy on the other side 57% of online users appraise ebooks to be an effective strategy. 

There are a few benefits of doing ebooks campaigns for content marketing :

  • E-book content marketing creates your specialist reputation
  • Provide a business plan in an inclusive way
  • Helps search engine optimization 
  • Offers vital and appealing information to the target audience
  • E-books purvey comprehensive value 
  • E-books are fast to produce and  accessible  
  • Delivers user-friendly content and less time consuming 



While doing content marketing, you must be blogging a good number of contents. Ranking keywords is important to make an SEO friendly blog to target and inflate ROI  of your strategy. Here SEO and content marketing meet together. 


When making a content following few steps can aid your topic to pivot ranking in a search engine are:

  • Make your title attractive 
  • Include the right keywords
  • Perceive how Google decides ranking glean on SEO
  • Do not overstuff with keywords
  • Enhance the length of the blog and meta description
  • Add/ mention  interlinks correctly
  • Use perfect images and other media component  

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You are always keen to know the return on the investment of anything you or your company invests in. Content marketing ROI is a ratio that gives you an idea of how much profit you acquire from content marketing in comparison to how much you spent. To get a clear picture of your content marketing  ROI it is necessary to cultivate which are the metrics important to the content marketing effort.  

There are a hundred ways you can estimate the success of content marketing tactics. There are two main metrics that Google also considers.

  • Google Analytics tool 
  • Google Search Console tool

Google Analytics tool:

Google Analytics is a website analysis tool that provides real-time statistics and analysis of user interaction with the website. Google Analytics enables website owners to analyze their visitors, with the objective of interpreting and optimizing the website’s performance.

Prerequisite for doing ROI analysis in Google Analytics are :

  1. Creating a setup to follow Ecommerce 
  2. Tracking the conversion 
  3. The cost data of marketing campaigns must be present in Google Analytics reports. 
  4. At Least 60 days of statistics of cost, usage, and e-commerce data should be included.

Google Search Console :

Google Search Console is a free tool offered by Google to monitor, conserve, and analyze troubles in Google search results. The search console helps you to work on how Google perceives your website in SERP. Getting a higher rank by Google is not easy because you have to prepare your knowledge of marketing strategy beforehand. It’s true there is no rule to get ROI for your content marketing but depending on location, industry, your competitors, and quality of your content can become beneficial for your content marketing tactics and campaign.


Once you receive data from Google you need to apply and update it smartly to rise up in SERP. For these, you need to follow a few steps:

  • Create brand acceptance and importance and  cohesion 
  • Set good strategies
  • Fix a goal
  • Optimize attractive title tag
  • Integrate right keywords
  • Expand your network
  • Regularly post content 
  • Persistent with your visibility
  • Spread awareness about your brand or product
  • Improve your websites CTR
  • Engage web visitors with good presentation 



One of the key successes of any marketing business is to read  ‘ customers’ nerves. For that, you need to get into their shoes first or you put yourself into their place to fulfil their demands. Answering their answers or fulfilling their expectations are your first priority.

If you want to make strategies effective you need to understand your consumer and increase website traffic 

  • How they are selecting and comparing brands/products
  • What type of favour they are expecting from you 
  • Be observant about your visitors’ activity, like- how frequently they visit which websites, what they are searched most for, what kind of blogs they are reading. 
  • What search term they are manoeuvre in search box 

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Content marketing and Seo works hand in hand. Your Seo plans won’t have expected results unless you include a solid content marketing strategy into it. Content marketing can fulfil the requirements of Seo while different social media platforms are being utilized to promote, spread, grow visibility, reach the content and grab thousands of clicks per month.

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