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As billions of people use search engines, hence it is important to make your web design SEO friendly and execute search engine optimization techniques with the help of SEO web design companies to improve web page rank and visibility in SERP.

The search engine is an integral part of the online marketing business. The core motive of any business is to earn more profit. So the best way to flourish in this business is to bring your web page in the top 10 Google search results, following SEO-friendly website checker tools.

Creating a smart-looking, well-designed web page you need to follow and apply SEO-friendly website design guidelines properly so that you can earn more business and drive more organic traffic to your website. There are a few simple tips, tricks, and steps that will help you to get an idea about how to make an SEO-friendly website.



Presenting your content distinct from other content/articles is a crucial aspect of web design. For any website/webpage content plays a key role as it is considered as the backbone of any website. So to make SEO friendly content articles should be original and not copied from anywhere else. As algorithms rate contents ranking in SERP, hence content has to be distinct.

As Google hates duplicate content, so Google may penalize the website for submitting duplicate /copied content, Though it is not possible to write 100% unique, with the help of SEO web design companies you can make your own content unique and different to rank high in Google search engine.


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If you want to be sure about how your content is indexable, there are SEO-friendly website checker tools, like – SEO Browser from where you can get some idea about how to make an SEO-friendly website. An SEO  Browser is an interpreter, which gives you a before picture of how your webpage looks to search engines by making it more visible and crawlable.


Nobody prefers to read a whole article/content at a glance. So to make SEO-friendly content the first step will be to include important and catchy keywords into the title to attract viewers because it becomes easier for Google to understand. So according to Best PPC services company in Hyderabad combination of good keywords helps Google to figure out the important factors related to your content.


Google analytics is completely a free tool. SEO  web design companies use Google Analytics tools to get real-time statistical analysis of how your visitors locate your website. Google Analytics will help you to identify which pages and links your visitors click the most. You will be given data about visitors’ performance and how they interact with the website.



Adding numerous pages to any website doesn’t hold any advantage, rather it counts as a disadvantage and creates troubles. Because what matters is the content.  So to make it SEO-friendly content and less confusing minimum number of pages required. Limited pages with good content attract more viewers than websites with a lot more pages with irrelevant content .

A website with an ample amount of pages likely to face problems


  1. Thin content
  2. Duplicate content
  3. Unnecessary content


To optimize your website for Google SEO using canonical tags for web designing is highly recommended from an SEO standpoint. It passes instructions to web bots which URL is to display in SERP if the multiple URLs have the same content.  Canonical tags will be beneficial according to the Best PPC services company in Hyderabad if your website avoids the duplicate content penalty by Google bots. Canonical tags are always placed in the header part of each web page.



If you follow SEO-friendly website design guidelines one of the essential SEO strategies for every website is URLs should be SEO friendly, unique with the correct structure. Because if your URLs are not proper or unique search engines won’t be able to crawl or understand what your content is all about. Only proper URLs can be used as anchor text when it is copied and pasted in blogs, articles, etc.

So URLs should be short and readable, use hyphens (-), only one target keyword, all letters must be in lower case without any space.


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Images are a pivotal part of any high-ranked website. We all know pictures are a great addition for any web visitor. Google gives much attention to the images while ranking any website in SERP. So a quick tip and trick from SEO web design companies to design Google-friendly websites are to attach attractive and proper images to your web page, to make it look good, attract more viewers, and most importantly to boost your website’s rank in Google search engine.



SEO-friendly website design guidelines give you an idea about how important it is to provide internal links to optimize your website for Google SEO. Basically, internal links are linking one page to another page internally in the same domain. It gives hierarchy to the website and allows users to navigate within the website. Attaching relevant links to your content will make web users visit longer, pleasant, and worthy.



As per SEO website design guidelines  Incorporating XML sitemaps will be one of the crucial factors for a successful Google-friendly website. The sitemap XML  file contains a list of URLs, present in the website and also has the information – when the page was modified, how frequently the page changes, etc. In other words, sitemap XML is important for SEO.

Because they make it easier for Google to find your site pages, give priority to the important pages, and increases the value of the website. Hence   XML sitemaps play a perfect role in creating SEO-friendly content.



21 st century is a” gadget-friendly “ age. People use mobiles and laptops simultaneously for their regular queries and practices(  online shopping, news reading, entertainment, etc.) So make sure to implement different tools to make your website user-friendly for all types of devices, so that people can enjoy their tour to your web page. Good and professional  SEO web design companies apply these tactics to expand their network to grab more visitors


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How to make an SEO-friendly website is the answer to how quickly you respond to the questions of your viewers on a timely and regular basis. This whole online marketing business is standing / depending on web visitors. So fulfilling their needs is your first and foremost duty.

Their comments could be encouraging or discouraging for you, no matter it helps you to assess your website. Answering them makes your website agile and it shows that people are visiting your website regularly. This is one of the good SEO tactics for web designing as well as creating a growing community.


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