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Do you know according to the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), the Total number of existing houses sold in 2019 was 5.34 million! by using Online marketing channels such as Google ad words for real estate agents, Social media, email marketing, etc.,as in this era of 2020 whdigital transformation is predominantly used in every business context. More houses have been sold in this year than ever before, as Online channels are on rise with their effectiveness and approach, in today’s world Google AdWords for real estate investors can be a goldmine to generate leads if they can succeed by appearing in the first page of SERP. 

The most reliable way to appear on the top of the SERP first page you’ll need to use Google Ads paid search PPC advertising at some point. As we all know the real estate industry is a highly competitive field in 2020 they are generating potential leads with Google Ad words. Most realtors say that 22% of their leads come from company sites through Google ads for commercial real estate.

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 How Do Google AdWords for real estate agents works?

It works like an auction whenever you are interested to display your ad for your targeted audience bid on targeted keywords to trigger your ad, But you need not pay the higher cost than your competitor in order to be on the top of the search results. The price of the bid is just a factor, When Google needs to decide based on the ranking factor then quality score is the factor that affects your ranking, The higher the quality score is the cheaper your clicks and acquisition cost will be. Google rates the quality factor by considering overall user experience, landing pages provided when the user looks for your keywords.

Before knowing How to Set Up Google Ad words for Real Estate we need know that Google ads are divided into Search network and display network wherein search network text-based ads are displayed on SERP whereas in Display Networks ads are shown in the visual banner, As a large network in Video it is also important to run a video ad to compete with your competitors. Like every other industry, real estate PPC also has its unique challenges. Let us see How to generate leads for Real Estate agents with Google Ads by overcoming all the challenges.

Do Research: 

As a PPC management Service Company for Real Estate Agent, Initially we did not directly jump into PPC advertising without performing any market research where finally it doesn’t give you the expected results, We had research more information about the Real-estate Industry and who are the target customers and their demographics, What are the home features and benefits they are looking in and what are the keywords real estate customers are using to search and which language they are using who are the competitors for your real-estate agents what are their strategies, Then planed How to Set Up Google Adwords for Real Estate.

So once analyze homebuyer’s behavior then you will be able to plan to Generate Quality Leads for Real Estate Agents with Google Ad words.

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Bid on Brand and local Keywords to Capture Leads:

One of the best strategies to Generate Quality Leads for Real Estate Agents with Google Ad words is to bid on local, neighborhood-specific keywords instead of using a lot of  budget & high priced real-estate PPC ads. Also, these local real estate keywords are less expensive so that you can run more campaigns to increase your returns, Bid on your real estate agents brand keywords to capture hot leads in order to Generate Quality Leads for Real Estate Agents with Google Adwords.

If you are not bidding on your brand there is a chance of stealing your leads from competitors because they will be appearing above your organic listing. You can see your local real-estate aggregators occupy the top slot and take searchers to a page where you can see local competitors. Using relevant keywords allows displaying your PPC ads to the right audience with less advertising costs and more ROI.

Create Long-Tail Keywords and Negative Keywords: 

50% of search queries are long-tail keywords that are longer than 3-4 keyword phrases which are very specific, such as keywords with the combination keywords in specific locations, specific budget, Preferences, etc., especially while performing Google AdWords for real estate investors Your Keywords must always contain the location so that users who are in search of property in specific locations definitely go through your ad.

Negative Keywords:

Most important step while setting up Campaign for  Google AdWords for real estate agents is to identify the search keywords phrases that you don’t want to show up in your ad and which are irrelevant to your business & services Building a negative keywords list plays a crucial role in maximizing the Return On Investment of a Google Ads campaign.

For Example, If you are especially targeting Google ads for commercial real estate Properties in Urban area and yet you don’t want to target other property buyers such as Villa buyers then you can add to negative keywords list as “Villa” as a negative keyword this list prevents your ad from showing up whenever someone is looking for “Villa” on Google. Split ad Campaigns by Location, Home Buyers/Sellers, and Device.

Allocate Budget, Adjust your bids accordingly: 

PPC ads are perfect marketing tools for realtors especially whenever you are in a stage to know How to Set Up Google Adwords for Real Estate, however, you never have to worry about exceeding your real estate agents’ advertising budget. You can only pay for leads which are in the form of clicks and you need not pay for just displayed ads, You can precisely set the budget how much you are willing to spend and whenever you want to stop the ad you can stop instantly.

 Set the budget that will allow your campaign run in multiple days instead of spending on a single session. set a realistic daily budget.  

Focus on generating leads: 

If you don’t know how to get quality leads for Real Estate from Google ads to generate more quality leads I would like to put in a good word for hiring an expert in PPC management Service Company for Real Estate Agent because getting a right and Quality lead is important because our focus is not only generating leads but more on quality leads there should be a systematic approach once the lead is generated. 

All the successful realtor platforms usually have a pop up that shows up after the user visits the page and spend some time to view related pages often use lead details sheet to capture contact and email address while browsing the site, which helps to a systematic approach and further conversion of leads  generated and Email marketing.


Test multiple headlines and descriptions and Dedicated Landing Page:

 The best way to test your headlines and description of your ad is by studying closely your competitors’ ad and testing multiple ways to give you the best conversions. The Click-through rate(CTR) of your ads should be not less than 0.35%.By doing multiple Tests to your ads making few adjustments to the headlines, Images, Text to turn performance in to click management. Run different versions of your ads by changing up the different elements to see which generates the best response. 

While setting up Google AdWords for real estate investors once the customer responds to your ads always they expect to be taken to the exact listings or relevant page that they have clicked, sending leads directly to your home page and wasting time searching through an entire website will simply waste your advertising spend. So Instead of using the Homepage create a user’s relevant Landing page for an exact match of the keywords used in your PPC ads which would meet users’ intent, most informative, and convenient to the customer.

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Set strong call to action:


One of the most important factors for realtors advertising with PPC ads overlook because of having Strong Call to Action, A strong call to action for your ad directs customers to get in touch with you. A strong call to action and a perfect landing page can significantly improve your conversion rate.


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Finally, I hope now you know-how to generate leads for Real estate agents. If you’d like help getting started with Google Ads you can directly approach us as we are the best PPC management Service Company In Hyderabad, where will provide end to end ppc services by Expertise and certified professionals in handling PPC ads for commercial real estate.

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